Page 2 in blog articles

Hi Colorlib

I was wondering if you could help me with my problem?

When I press on page 2 in the bottom of my blog site, it does not go on page 2, just stays on the same page, so now i dont have access to my older blogs. Can you help me fix that?

My site is - and if you go on you can see what i mean.

Thank you, best


Please proceed to update to the latest version to fix this issue:

lldy, v1.0.16:

- Has been fixed paginate links on blog.

Let me know if this fixed the problem.


If I do so, wont all the customizations i have done to the site go away?



First, you should definitely make a backup of the current website, in case anything goes wrong.

If you did any custom changes to the core files then yes, all those will get erased.

Also, the CSS inside the style.css will get erased.

In the other hand, no customizer information or anything from the dashboard will be modified, everything will still be in place.

So bottom short, nothing will change unless you modified the core files or added CSS in the default style.css


Hi again Colorlib Support :slight_smile:

I tried that but lost a lot, colours changed, the head images changed, the order of the front page changed, and the only problem i was trying to fix, make the page 2 and 3 on blog site active, didn’t event work :confused: i could get some more articles by pressing on 2 but not 3.

So now i have gone back to the older version again and the site looks good again :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there was any chance you could help my by sending me a kode to fix the link problems? - then I can just put it into my custom CSS and the site will then work as it should :slight_smile:


Hello Oddny,

This is really strange, I will start an investigation as soon as possible.

I will have a talk with the developers if you can only replace some files to fix the pagination and will get back to you by Monday, at last.

For now, I can suggest you to go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and set the blog page posts number to something bigger than the posts count so you can actually display them all until we figure a way to fix this issue.

Sorry for the trouble.


Ok thanks I´ll try that,
thank you so much :slight_smile: