Page Builder by Site Origin


I have a developer that made a site for me.

They didn’t use a Child Theme so when I try updating all the plugins and WordPress the site gets destroyed.

Do you have a guide that I can follow which will show me how to use a child theme and move everything across over to it?

Or do I need to build it from scratch?

Also is Page Builder by Site Origin compatible with this theme?



Hey there,
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Unfortunately, we don’t have a tutorial for importing data to the child theme, however, you may find the child theme at the link below:

For copying over customizations, you’ll need to essentially add them in pretty much the same way you’ve added them previously, just ensure that all modified files are placed in the same locations they were in the parent theme.

Eg: If you customized sparkling/inc/somefile.php ensure that the file is in sparkling-child/inc/somefile.php

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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