Page content not showing in Sparkling theme

Hi, I’ve been putting together our blog using the great sparkling theme;
While the blog page works fine I can’t get any of the other page content to show, including the static front page? I’m probably missing something obvious but can’t seem to find it! Any advice appreciated.

Try to change permalink structure that you can find under Settings - Permalinks to see if it takes any action. This is certainly no a theme issue but some misconfiguration or server setup.

Let me know if does anything when you change permalinks

Hey thanks for the quick reply. I tried the permalink structure change but no effect :frowning: - but I also quickly tried another bootstrap theme and it was the same so not a theme thing but something else, I’ll keep looking!

I guess you have broken down the entire WordPress installation with this.

Try to look if there is some unnecessary code in .htaccess file in your root directory which most likely were used to remove category slug from URL.

If this re-install doesn’t help, then export all data from WordPress as XML file (there is option for that in WP dashboard) and then remove the entire database and WP installation and start clean. You will be able to import this XML file back.

Sometime it is easier to start clean than trying to find where the bug is.

Thanks Aigars, think your right. I’m tidying up files now and will try an new install so hopefully get it back up. Thanks so much for making these premium level themes free and also for the fantastic free support, its really appreciated :slight_smile: