Page Header and Menu Titles

Ok so I have two more issues that I’m trying to work out.

  1. Whenever I add the top header picture to the pages it looks really nice in the beginning but when I save the changes, the theme automatically zooms in on the photo making it look ugly. How do I get it to stop zooming in on the picture and to just keep the original? I’ve attached a before and after picture to show you what I mean.

  2. The sub-menu selections appear in a white box with white writing and you can’t see anything. How do you change the color of this so you can see the selection? I’ve attached a picture of this as well.

Thank you

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

As it goes for the image, please try changing the background stretch option to “Contain”

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Yes the website is

  1. Ok so when I try using the contain feature for the blog header, it places the picture below the menu instead of stop and then I loose the menu and have an ugly white space above. Please refer to picture for more details.

  2. The second issue I resolved by eliminating a code that I found within css.

Hello, are you guys able to help me resolve this issue?

Thank you!

This was solved in another post. Thank you

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I’m happy you found a resolution to your problem,
Let us know if you have any more issues.
Thank you for your support.

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