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Hi with the new update to version 2.0.0 I cannot find the content-none.php page to customize. Could you tell me where to go to do so?

Thank you

I too want to modify my 404 Not Found page - I have found the 404.php file in the template folder, but when I try to modify it it breaks. I just want to remove the ‘Archive’ widget, as I don’t have an Archive. Is there a way to do this? I am using a Sparkling-child theme - does that make a difference?

Elvira months ago I was told to do like this:

You can hide the sidebar from the error404 page if that’s what you want, via some CSS code:

.error404 #sidebar{
display: none;

Hi svanzy, I found that post but that’s not what I need - I am quite happy with the sidebar, but would like to remove the ‘Archive’ widget from the 404 page.

Hi @svanzy,

The content-none.php can be found inside the template-parts folder, it is there before. If you couldn’t found, make sure the update is complete. download from here and check all the files are correctly updated.

Hi @elvira,

By default 404 page doesn’t have any widgets around, can you show me the URL, so that I can help you to hide that via CSS?

Let us know,


Hi Iaranz - it’s OK, I am using Sparkling and I posted in that forum - Movin sorted me out. The 404.php for Sparkling is in the templates/themes/sparkling folder, and does have an archive widget as default. Movin showed me how to remove it, so we’re all fine. Thank you anyway for your help!

all best wishes from London and Paraguay


Glad we helped. :slight_smile:

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