page on fluid-layout

Hi thanks for your work, this theme is awesome.
But i have problem, with fluid-layout,
I need one page with class container-fluid
and i read your forum and found this:

but this works only with posts, and I need similar to pages
how can I do something like this (fluid-layout):

I have tried to change it in chrome and it worked but
I don’t know where I can change it in sparkling files?

<div class=“container main-content-area”>
<div class=“container-fluid main-content-area”>

I have tried to change class in page.php and other file to class from bootstrap “container-fluid”
but it doesn’t work,
please give me a clue

Hi @pozy,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You have to change it in the header.php file of the theme on line number 78

I recommend you to change it by overwriting the file header.php in your child theme and then make necessary changes in it.

Best Regards,