Page reduced to plain text with no pictures

I was using Bluehost tech support this morning when my page became condensed to plain text with no pictures. They told me to contact colorlib as they weren’t sure of the issue.

Domain is:

Hi There,
I had a look at your domain and I’m afraid it seems that you are not loading the shapely theme as expected.
Is it possible that you switched the theme? You will need to check.
If some of the files have been deleted, you may need to re-upload the theme.
Hope this helps.

Yes after hours of trying to figure it out I tried getting a new theme to rebuild the site at the suggestion of Bluehost tech support. Every theme I try to use I get the same condensed black and white text with no images

Hey there

Let me know if you want to investigate that problem, defiantelly its not theme related, most probably some files are missing from the upload or they are not loading from the server