Page Size Issue

The main page on the index page of my site is being constricted and not. Please see this image to illustrate what I mean.

If you would like to view the site please do so here

I believe what may have happened is at one point I had a widget on the right sidebar, then removed it. And the gap of the right sidebar seems to constricting the length of the page as a result.

Is there anyway I can expand the length of the page?

You can change page template for each Page individually. There is options under each Page when editing it. See screenshot below:

@Aigars, Thank you

I also wanted to ask. Is there a way to customize the background color of the widget box, for example making the left most widget box a solid blue color. Is there anyway I could accomplish this with your theme?

Thank you


The basic idea to change widget background color is like this. But if you need to change it for some specific widget, then please let me know which one is it.

.widget {
    background: #3535FF;