Page Title Background/Font Colour Change?


I have created a page which I will detail my service. My website is at

The page I would like to know how to change the title background colour/Font to match the Front page, so my Logo is blended in okay:

Hope this makes sense!

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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.page-id-2143 #header .bottom-header h1 {
color: #101010;
font-family: poppins;

You can also change bg image fo this page:

.page-id-2143 #header {
background-image: url( !important;

p.s. you can use this code for other pages as well, all you need is to change id of tha page in the code,
.page-id-XX instead of XX here you need to use ID of the page

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Hello and thanks.

Would the Page ID be: ?

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Your page is hidden under coming soon template, however you can use this link to get ID of the page:

Thanks for the link. Ive added the code but nothing has changed. Ive removed the coming soon template.

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Ok, this is the ID of the page: 2143 so, css will look like this:

.page-id-2143 #header {
background-image: url( !important;

.page-id-2143 #header .bottom-header h1 {
color: #6b6b6b;

Codes are not yet added to your website

Thank you!

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let me know if you need anything else