Page title is an h3 not an h1


I am using the Shapely theme, and for some reason all the page titles are showing up as h3, instead of h1 which they should be for screen reader accessibility.

I looked through the theme PHP files and couldn’t find any place where the page title is being assigned an h3 (image attached). I actually couldn’t find any mention of page titles, only post/entry titles (see attached image).

Could you let me know how to change the page-title elements to h1, for site accessibility? Not sure if it’s a setting or if I should change/add to a PHP file.

Hey there

You can use this method to identify files being used to render the page: How to Find Which Files to Edit in WordPress Theme


This is an issue or a glitch, there is nothing wrong with the code but for some unknown reason its changing the h1 to an h3. There is nothing we can change to correct this, Someone please help! Thank you.

Hey there

What is the problem? can you please provide a little bit more details? let me know what changes you made and provide link to the page