Page titles appear as ARCHIVES:

How do I get rid of the word ARCHIVES from the header titles in all my pages? Its on my Forums Page as ARCHIVES: FORUMS and on my ARCHIVES: DIRECTORY, ARCHIVES: EVENTS, etc etc Can’t seem to see where to change this?

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I take it that you have checked the titles of the image already, if not please do so and tell me the results.

When did this issue start happening? Was it after the use of a plugin or another event?

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Hello. Happy holidays to you! Thank you for your respons,e but this has been happening since I installed the theme. It is effecting my added pages like my Directory, Events, and Forums. I am trying to figure out why the theme is adding ARCHIVE: PAGENAME to my headers. I simply do NOT want ARCHIVE in the title and when I edit the pages that have that header, they do NOT contain ARCHIVE in them. Please help.

Thank you!