Page vs. Post

First off, Ion, great work on Illdy. I’ve been having a lot of fun customizing the CSS, changing the front page sections to suit my needs and so forth.

I’m a true beginner with php, so I’ve avoided making extensive changes to the various .php files, but even there, you’ve made things fairly easy to customize.

Here’s my confusion: On the Customize panel you provide some options for the the Blog posts, but no options for the Pages. When I look at the .php files (single.php, content-none.php, content-page.php, content-single.php, content.php), you only provide CSS IDs and Classes for Posts (id=“post-<?php the_ID(); ?>” <?php post_class( ‘blog-post’ ); ?>> <h1 class=“blog-post-title”). Nowhere do you distinguish pages from posts.

When I create pages, I’m not getting how to render them differently from posts.

Perhaps I need to look at a different theme?

Thank you.


Hello Leo,

Thank you for all the interest in our themes and for looking to improve it!

It seems like there’s a page selector and a post one, under the form of .page and .single

I feel like I might be missing something here, so maybe you can assist me with further details and a couple of screenshots.

Best regards

Thank you for your quick response. I know I’m not being very clear. But. When I look at the CSS for anything rendered on a page, all I see are post entries - no page. See the attachment for a visual. As you’ll see, I’m looking at a page, but all of the subsequent classes refer to .posts.

I’m probably going to use a plug-in to do page layout stuff anyway, so maybe it’s moot, but I’m still confused as to why pages aren’t referencing .page classes.