Page width not right on iphone for page with table


The responsive display looks great on all my pages I’ve looked at except one. It happens to be one with a table, so I think that might be related. When I view this page on my iphone 5 in portrait, the header and content only take up about 60% of the width but the table takes up the full width. I do not have any width specifications for the table.


I’ve tested this page with WP’s 2015 theme, and it looks fine (that is, the page width renders correctly).

screenshots attached

Any ideas?

No ideas. Bummer. Have to go with another theme. Never mind.

Hi @violetdeb,

I hope you are well today and sorry for the delay here.

It seems you have changed the theme on your site so i want to know do you still need assistance regarding this question?

Please advise.

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I am having the worst time finding a theme I like. Yours is perfect for me in every way except that it does not seem to handle tables well and my page with a table fails Google’s mobility test using your theme. About a third of the themes I’ve tried also fail, so you’re not alone. But I have to have a theme that can handle that page well.

In answer to your question, if this is something you think you can fix in a week or two, then I’d be so very happy to switch back! I totally understand if you can’t turn around a fix that quickly, though. It’s just that I need to keep looking if you can’t.

Here’s google’s mobility test tool if you’d like to try it yourself:

Oops, I take it back! I got lucky and found another theme that will work for me, so I don’t need assistance.

Thanks though – you have a very nice theme!

Hi @violetdeb,

Awesome great to see you got the needed theme found.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!