pages i've made now say "untitled" & can't click the menu tabs to see pages

my site is nearly done and now all my menu tabs say “untitled”, when i try to click on them it doesn’t take me to the page. what’s going on?

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In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

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i can provide a screen recording if you need to see how the website previously was?

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I tried using the link but it does not seem correct. Could you please check it?

Also, please go ahead and provide the recording so that we have more information to work with.

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heres the screen recording

here’s my screen recording

lmao omg. if i keep shortening it you won’t be able to see anything. it’s a short clip as it is ?
is there another way i can send this screen recording?

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Please go to Appearance > Menu and check your menu settings to see if your menu was changed or if there is another menu being used.

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Sorry, I’m quite new to WP so I can’t tell if something has been changed or should be changed.

But also, my pages have changed too, so the font, the layout, some content on my forum have even disappeared.

I’ve selected all my pages (they were unchecked before), saved it then updated the page

now the pages on my menu on my site can’t be seen at all. i’ve attached a pic of what the back-end looks like.


You can share the video using dropbox or any other service like that if the upload limit is exceeding in the forum, also I checked your website and it works just fine, all the menu items are rightly pointing out to its page, did you fixed it?

If not, pass us the WP Login details using the “Private reply” we will check what is going wrong.

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