Pages not able to display full width of an image on Dazzling theme

I was able to get the image slider to work on my home page. Other pages aside the home page do not display the full width of the image.

Hi @jiyamabo,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

Do you want to display full width the image added on the page or want to display full width slider on all pages?

Please advise.

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I have my home page which displays the slider and the slider works fine. On the remaining pages, i created aside the home page, when i add an image to the top of the page, it doesnt display the full width. I have the dimensions of the image set to 1920px by 300px, after adding the image i get left and right borders. please help.

I do not want the slider on the other pages aside the home page. I want a different image to display with their full width on other pages.

Could you please share me the page URL from your site where the image is not displaying correctly so that i can help you to make it full width?


I visited your shared site and the image dimensions on your site are small 1000px and not 1920px for the following images

You should use the larger images and instead of adding them in the page content, you can try using any of the following plugins to display them.