Pages not displaying correctly

I set up my site using the illdy theme in a sub directory and then used the Duplicator plugin to move my site from the sub directory to the root directory, but I have an issue now. The homepage shows fine, and my blog pages show fine, but when I to to a “Page” on my site, it appears to be showing the default illdy theme, not using any of the styles I set up, and the menu at the top is not the same menu as you see on the blog pages, almost like it’s pulling from my sub directory with the default theme. Can someone please help with this, as my site is now live, and half unusable? My site is

Working Blog link:
Broken Page: (notice the yellow period and the links in the top menu not working right).


I just got it fixed. I had to re-save all of my pages and they all appear to be working now.


Glad you got it working. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any other questions.