Pages not linking correctly?

I noticed two errors after I changed the code to make the image size medium default as asked in a previous question.

First I got a bunch of 404 errors then realized somehow all the pages got unpublished status…how i dont know…

Now what Im running into is the pages are not linking correctly they are linked to archives from the main blog not to the page topic (the title is correct) For example:

You have done right the coding part but you have messed up the basic setup part.

For page like “How To Do A Downy Dunk on Your American Girl Doll” you have used Blog Medium Images template but you had to use default one as this is not a blog page but a regular page. You have done this for multiple pages.

Reverted back to default but now i lost the little image pictures like i had from changing the code previously

Don’t revert changes in code but user proper blog templates and use them only when they are necessary. You tried to apply Blog template for page with content which is not a way to do it.

In your case you need to:

  1. Edit code like I described earlier
  2. Use category pages where needed (like I have in theme demo and like you have done it for some categories as well)
  3. Use Blog pages only ONCE because it will create duplicates (the same blog over and over again)