Pages with Posts from Categories

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How do I get posts that only belong to category “x” to display on a page? For example, I’ve created a category called Europe and placed this against 3 posts. I only want these 3 posts to appear on the page. I tried downloading a plugin to help with this but it didn’t seem to work. If a plugin is needed (which I think it is) what plugin do you suggest?

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Just to clarify I’m not talking about my home/front page. This is another page on my site.

You can do this just like I have in theme demo. You can use category pages like this. Of course all these post will appr on the blog unless you specify not to show them via Theme Options or otherwise. If you select the same post in multiple categories it will be show in multiple categories but if a single category is selected then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Let me know if this was what you were looking for.

This is what I’m trying to do. But it doesn’t seem to be working. Please look at my site & you’ll see on the page that should be filtered down to only posts that have a category of Arizona there are other posts appearing on the page i.e. posts that have categories of Italy, etc. I’m not sure how to fix this…

That’s not a category page but custom created blog page from template.

This is category page on your website:

Hi Aigars - Yes, I just realized this!!! Thanks for catching this too & pointing it out! Thanks for all your prompt help!