pagination and post title font size

Hi, how can I change the pagination at the bottom to say 1, 2,3… etc.? I originally used wp-page navi plugin but it doesn’t seem to work with this theme anymore since all I see is ‘older post’
Also, is there a way to change post title font size? I can only see body text font size change option.
Thanks in advance for the help!

I will look into if WP-Page Navi can be included in this theme since I created this theme with Infinite Scroll which is powered by Jetpack. You can see theme demo to see how it works.

I decided not to include title style management options (at least for now), because theme uses very specific font-weight and I would have to add 6 font-editors for each title level from h1 to h6. It is easy to implement but could be difficult for users to understand why there is so many options.

Here is how title is styled in this theme and you can modify this code and add it to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS, just like you could in Travelify

.entry-title {
    font-size: 52px;
    font-weight: 100;
    color: #54397E;

I deactivated the wp-page navi plugin, but noticed that there is no infinite scrolling though. It still says ‘older’ and ‘newer’ and brings me to my page/page2… or /page3.

Also, when I hit the ‘read more’ button and it brings me to the full post; is there a way to get rid of the excessive number in the #more link url? or even to get it of it altogether so that it brings the reader to the beginning of the full post?


Infinite scroll is powered by Jetpack, which means that you have this plugin installed and enabled Infinite Scroll. There are loads of other awesome features inside Jetpack and I highly recommend this plugin.

This is expected behaviour in default WordPress theme setup but I usually filter out this option. Will improve it in the next theme version.
Thank you for pointing that out!