Paid for Craft theme, no email received, no files to download


on May 31 I’ve paid for a Bootstrap theme Craft with a PayPal. The transaction status is completed. But I received no email with links to download, I’ve checked the spam folder obviously. Please advise what should I do.

Thank you,

Hi @Anie

Sorry about that, please currently we are having a problem with the system, please try again after a few our or max tomorrow, it should work.


Hi @colorlibsupport

I still can do nothing. No links, no emails. 4 days passed. Please resend me the email with the link to download files from Craft.


Hi Annie

I see your purchase but not sure why you cant download it, please check DM, I sent a download link


Thanks, I got it, you helped a lot! :heart_hands:

Thank you too and have a good day :slight_smile:

Hi Anie,

Hope so you’re doing well, if you haven’t received the email with the download links for the Bootstrap theme Craft, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue. First, contact the seller or website from which you made the purchase. Provide them with the details of your transaction, such as the payment date and transaction ID, and explain that you haven’t received the download links. They should be able to assist you in resolving the issue. Additionally, double-check your PayPal account to ensure that the payment was processed successfully and that you entered the correct email address during the purchase. The seller may need this information to verify your purchase and resend the download links.

Hope so this will work for you!

Bryce June

Hi @BryceJune

What is the email address you used for the purchase? I tried your email and I can’t see any purchase by this email: bbco****[email protected]


I recently encountered an issue with a purchase for a Bootstrap theme called Craft. I used PayPal for the transaction, and the payment status shows as completed. However, despite the successful payment, I have not received any email containing the download touchcric live links for the theme. I have thoroughly checked my spam folder, but there is no sign of the email. I’m unsure what steps to take next in order to obtain the download links for the Craft theme. Regards

Hey there

Please send me your email address used during the purchase, I will check it.
You can be fully sure we are not leaving any purchases or doubts behind