Paid License but no download button

We purchased another All templates License yesterday - our previous one must have expired since Friday - [Order #290556] - but cannot download any templates. Only shows Preview button.

In our account it also says…
Purchase History
You have not made any purchases

You have not made any subscription purchases.

Please can you advise what’s happening??

Same, just bought a license and now they’re “changing the subscription plan”. What a scam…

What did you do? Can you download templates? Or have you had to buy a new plan?

I payed the 99 dollars like last week. I’m still waiting for an answer from them on how they’re going to solve this. This is just crazy


Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are working hard to migrating to a new system. You will be the first ones to get access once it is ready.

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Price change from $ 99 to $ 590
If it changes a lot, please give me a grace period.

We have the same problem. Paid $ 99 last month and the button for download has vanished.

We haven’t forgotten about the existing customers. It just takes time to move all the data to the new system.

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Any update on this?
order #286243 got all template license on August 24 2020