Parallax doenst work when I view website on my mobile

I just finished building my site, it looks good on my PC, but when I open it on my phone. the photos are not doing their parallax effect.
My website is

Thank you,

hey there

First of all, you are using Siteorigin page builder, make sure you have proper settings for parallax images on mobile devices,
This can be also fixed by this CSS, add it in appearance > customize > additional CSS:

@media (max-width: 780px){
#pg-145-0> .panel-row-style, #pg-145-3> .panel-row-style {
background-attachment: fixed !important;

Unfortunately, the css doesn’t work


Please clear cache and check again, it’s working on my side
Also, please note you are using third party page builder and you should check if it has the option to manage bg image for a different types of devices