Parallax Home Page Disappeared

I have been developing a front page using the multiple parallax sections for the home page. I recently installed a plugin called maxbuttons and afterwards the Theme Customize page only shows the “Front Page” wordpress page, instead of all of the parallax sections I worked on. I deactivated maxbuttons, and also tried deactivating and reactivating Shapely to see if everything would come back. There was quite a bit of data and customization I worked through, so I’m concerned that it has been lost.

Attached is what the theme customization page looks like.

Can anyone help out?

hey there

Make sure all theme bundled plugins are activated, especially Companion plugin of the theme, but if this is not the case come back with the admin details and i will check your problem

I checked plugins and everything was activated. I de-activated and re-activated, as well as cleared my browser cache. The same problem is still happening and my Theme Customization page still looks the same. I am attaching the list of plugins installed and activated at this time.

If you can help, here are the admin details:
user: cwingerson
pass: password"zero one three two zero"
(Note: the quotations should be removed, and the spelled out numbers should be numeric digits with NO spaces between)