Parallax images not showing in *some* browsers

Hi, first, thank you for your amazing plugin! It’s the closest thing to perfect as I’ve found so far.
One issue is I have a home page with parallax and it looks great on chrome, firefox, mobile, etc. but the images don’t display in Edge. In background-full, nothing shows up (white space), in Left/Right/Top/Bottom, I get a broken image/reference graphic.

Apparently others using chrome outside my office got the ‘nothing’ effect as well.

I’ve seen similar posts on here about disabling the Elementor plugin and such, and I’ve disabled everything possible with no luck.
I’ll happily pm you a link if you can help. Thanks

OK, the issue was with the absolute URLs. I was using wp-admin with an internal IP URL, so that’s how the image src URLs saved in the page. I switched to using wp-admin from my external dns name, and all is fine now.

Which leads to a question that will help close this: since we’re using absolutes, any suggestions on a URL re-writer plugin to help with pushes from dev to production environments? I could handle with htaccess, but it’d be nice if I can stay withing the WP boundaries.


Hey there

You can use this plugin for migration,