Parallax module, the background image is not displayed

Hello, I have a problem with the parallax module, the background image on the home page is not displayed.
Under the logo, instead of a photo, a white background is displayed.

Below part of the source code:

<div id="shapely_home_parallax-2" class="widget shapely_home_parallax">
<section class="cover fullscreen image-bg">
<div class="parallax-window fullscreen" data-parallax="scroll" data-image-src="" data-ios-fix="true" data-over-scroll-fix="true" data-android-fix="true">

Please help, what’s the problem?

Hi There
Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
That’s quite odd if you have already added the correct image for parallax. Please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.
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Colorlib Support Team

Hi, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Yes, the error is quite strange … The problem started when I accidentally placed the start page in the trash, after repairing, the parallax modules do not work.

Here are the admin access details:
Login: colorlib
Pass: r13jwI7Z5BVeuDlWcHrUI(!&

Artur Ochocki

Hi Artur

Ok, please try again, i added it by custom css:

#shapely_home_parallax-2 .parallax-window {
background-image: url(;

Thanks, but that’s not the point … the background can’t be static. It must be 3D, as in the original :frowning:

Look, noone newly added parallax module don’t displays the background :frowning: …maybe some java or php script is broken?


let me check it, admin name and password is not working anymore,

Hi, I’ve solved the problem … I replaced the flexslider.min.js file with the original one.

Thank you so much for your time.

Greetings, arturocki

You are welcome, thank you for sharing the fix :slight_smile: