Parallax not working in Illdy correctly

Hi there, I am not getting parallax effect in Illdy front page hero image.
I have set “Scroll with page” as “No”, but it still scrolls. I have pasted this code which I found on your forum about this issue in additional css but it didn’t help.
/Fix header image/
#header.header-front-page {
background-attachment: fixed;
Can you help me? It was actually working initially when I first installed the theme but then once I started to work on the theme, the parallax stopped working on the hero image.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Let me see it, please provide a link to the page and I will take a look

Colorlib Support Team

Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am building the site while it is maintenance mode and it is not actually live so I can’t realise it live yet.

I am happy to send you logins privately to view? Can you provide me with an email to so this?

Thank you

Regards, Kerrie


Ok, send them here and don’t forget to use send as private message checkmark

username: admin
password: WYBMND_Euro88

Can you show me what the issue is also so i can learn?
Thank you.


Hello Kerrie

I need url of the website a well :slight_smile:

OOopps sorry about that.

Here is the url:

Thanks again


Hello Kerrie

Can you please check it again?
I just checked it and its working for me, I did not touch anything yet

Hi there,

thanks for looking into it. I do not know what happened but that did not work for me up until now. I have no idea why it is working now…but I am so happy. It must be the gremlins!! :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


Thank you too :slight_smile:

Most probably it was a caching issue

I will close this case now, let me know if you need anything else