Parallax Section on Frontpage vs. Page Speed

i’m using the widget “Parallax Section on Frontpage” with a “background full”-image. Googles PageSpeed claims “Properly size images” regarding the parallax-image which is insertes with this widget. The picture has a width of 4000px so i can understand why page speed did not like it. Page speed say i could reduze the image-size to 80% of the original if i load it with lower width.
But how can i do that? Shapely has no option to load viewport-depending images as background-full-image - or did i miss something?
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No need to use images with such a wide width, you can use an image with 2000px width in parallax section :slight_smile:

and what happens von mobile devices? They load a 2000px image for a 350px display? :wink:

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Thanks for the follow-up.
That’s quite odd as I have not been able to replicate this on my end.
Kindly share with me some related URL to the site so that I may log in and have a closer look at the issue.
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you’ll find it on this URL:

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“and what happens von mobile devices? They load a 2000px image for a 350px display? ?” - Yep, they will be resized to fit into mobile screens and this is absolutely normal if you want to load different images for every different pixel size screens then that’s not possible :slight_smile:
if you want to deal with this you have to use page builders to create a page from scratch and load different images for different screens

It’s normal to use img srcsets to inform the browsers which image he should use depending on the viewport he has. Too bad you can’t do this with this template.

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I agree with you, its better for sure but yet it’s not implemented in the theme and it this case you can you third party solution to built sections, in this case, page builders are the best solutions