Parallax video on front page

Is there a way to do this on the front page of Shapely with the widgets?

Love the theme.


Hi Andy,
Shapely user here. I’ve spent a ton of time and trials to get video on my front page. What I found a few weeks ago (Mar 2018) was that the Shapely video widget worked, but ran in a continuous loop. Support told me that the continuous loop couldn’t be stopped.

There was another video widget in the choices offered in “Customize.” That one worked with a youtube video and will run one time and quit. What I don’t remember is if it took youtube’s “share” video short code or the long URL, or if it actually took my resident .mp4 file. The video is full width and looks like another parallax.

I worked on the video solution for several weeks. The best plug-in I found was Robo Gallery PRO. While I still haven’t gotten small videos on the front page, it makes awesome galleries easily and will do all images, all videos, or a mix in the same gallery. There are a few tricks with the plug-in to get VIDEOS in a gallery:

  1. you have to use an IMAGE you load into the Robo gallery media file. In the image gallery, select your image. On the right there is a place for captions and below that still on the right is a box to add the youtube or Vimeo link. IT WILL NOT WORK with a VIDEO FILE resident in your media library. Has to come from youtube or video.

  2. You must use the long URL from the top of the page, NOT the “share” short code. (Trial and error. Not obvious in documentation)

This will generate a Robo gallery code that you can insert into widgets, pages, and posts and is pretty awesome once you finally figure it out. The free version is only good for 3 galleries. The PRO version for one website is cheap with unlimited galleries for one website. Here is the site.

The cool thing is you can make a “gallery” from one image/video link, so you can post one video only in your text.

Not affiliated with them at all; just spent a ton of time going through the widgets, support forums, plug-ins, trial and error experiments and wish someone had left me this trail a month ago.

Just sharing because the search for how to do video on Shapely front page has been intense and long. This is the best (and virtually only) option I’ve found other than that widget listed above that made an entire parallax size video.

Good luck with your site. I’ll be watching for other solutions and suggestions offered to you. I haven’t been able to find how to put a video in one of the small left or right image boxes in the parallaxes (and I’ve tried). I did get a video in each of the four footer widget boxes, but they were so small and the text so large it was ridiculous.