Parallax Widget Content Width

The parallax widget is awesome but the default width of the content is too small for what I need. I’ve tried to target the content areas of the widget but hardcoding the width prevents it from being centered properly and also doesn’t scale down for smaller screens. How can I change the content width without hardcoding an exact pixel width? I’ve included the html for reference.


Hey there

What exactly is your goal? what do you want to achieve? please provide short description and link to your site


Sorry, let me take another shot at explaining this. So I’ve developed a carousel (basically just a content slider) for my website. The way the carousel works is that you can specify the height of each card and then the width is automatically calculated. This means that the carousel width is dependent on the width of the content area its placed in. Kind of annoying but that’s just how their plugin works.

In shapely, the page template seems to have a standard default width, regardless of the screen size. As you can see in carousel_page_large and carousel_page_medium, the content area is the same even though the screen size is different. carousel_page_shrink shows that the content area (and therefore carousel width) only shrinks when the screen is shrunk down much smaller.

This is not how it works in the content section of the front page parallax widget. The content area seems only related to the width of the screen which makes the appearance of my carousel seem different for every screen. As you can see in carousel_front_large, the content area is much wider which produces wider carousel cards, and then in carousel_front_med the carousel and cards are more narrow.

My question is how can I make the width of the content section in the parallax widget ‘constant’ like it is in the page template, and only collapse down when the screen is too small for the default content width.

link to page: temp - michael adams
link to front page:

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Yes, I don’t understand your problem and question but this is how the template is coded, that how it should work and it doesn’t have problem during basic functionality if you want to add or change something you are absolutely free to do this, but you have to do this yourself, unfortunately, we can’t provide support for customization or modification of the template

I hope you understand