Parent Page Attributes

Hi all,

I just installed the Shapely theme hosting it locally on computer and what i’ve noticed is that the parent page attribute doesn’t seem to be working.

A few test runs using the ‘full width page’ template for both the parent page and the child page and the the child page doesn’t show up under the parent page like i’d expect.

What i’m expecting is to be able to create a long scrolling page with each section of the scroll is a child page of the main parent page I’m creating.

Is there a setting I’m missing?

I have had this work on different themes outside of colorlib where they had a page template called ‘panel page layout’ that created this effect.

To a degree I suppose it is like the Parallax widget from an appearance perspective but instead of each section being a widget it’s the child page.

Appreciate you help.


Hi Brett,

Sorry for a late response, unfortunately shapely don’t have that feauture, but you can extend that with plugins, you can try plugins like Insert Pages – WordPress plugin |

Let us know,