Parralax Section Background Full Position widget not working

I wanted to use homepage template for another page, so I followed this thread:

It went well, but now when I want to use the Parralax section widget it does not work. To replicate:

  1. Go to Customise your theme
  2. Try to edit your masthead / hero section
  3. Instead of going into the widget controls where I can add an image etc. i am redirected to the Blog index settings:

Can anyone help out with this please?

Many thanks,

Hello Justyna,

Thank you for reaching out to us!
I am not sure I completely understood your issue, so please bear with me - I will do my best to help.
I have tried to replicate it, but could not. From my understanding this seems to be happening when you are using the ‘Edit’ blue button on that page.

Have you tried adding the widgets by going to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Page: name of your page > and adding them here. Note: make sure to be on that page when you access the customizer.

Please give this a go and let me know!

All the best,

Thank you Mihaela for your reply.
Going into widgets doesn’t work either. The problem is that I cannot use this widget - the image doesn’t show, the title, the buttons do not appear. You can see on the below screenshot that although I have set a widget, the page area is still empty.

Not sure but I think for some reason HTML is not set properly on the page. Not sure if the below “inspect element” extract helps:

Any ideas what can be wrong?