Parralax Widget Button error


First of all, thank you for your amazing work :slight_smile:

I got a problem using the parralax widget on my website.
When I settup the Button 1, there is no problem.

But when trying to add the Button 2, nothing happens and I’ve noticed there’s twice the " Button 1 Link " section.
Button Error

Any clue to solve this ?

Thank you verry much

Hi @supakriss,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I have tested it on my test site and it’s working fine for me using latest version of Shapely theme.

I have notified the theme developer to change duplicate Button 1 Link text.

Could you please try using latest version of shapely theme by downloading it from the below page?

Best Regards,

I have the same issue, the label eing wrong is not the problem, the second button does not show (or is styled in default colours)

I retested using the master from github and issue still there…

Hi @Movin and @gripnrip,

Here’s what worked for me :

1/ About the button error :

In the file shapely/inc/widgets/widget-home-parallax.php replace this line :
<p><label for="<?php echo $this->get_field_id('button2_link'); ?>"><?php esc_html_e('Button 1 Link ','shapely') ?></label>
By that one :
<p><label for="<?php echo $this->get_field_id('button2_link'); ?>"><?php esc_html_e('Button 2 Link ','shapely') ?></label>

2/ About the button not showing or being white with a white text in a white sea :wink:

In the same file replace this line :
echo ( $button2 != '' && $button2_link != '' ) ? '<a class="btn btn-lg btn-white" href="'.$button2_link.'">'.$button2.'</a>': '';
by that one :
echo ( $button2 != '' && $button2_link != '' ) ? '<a href="'.$button2_link.'">'.$button2.'</a>': '';

Everything is working perfect now.

Thanks for your help @Movin.


Hi There,

The duplicate label will be fixed in the future version of theme.

To change the button colors you can use the solution posted in the following topic.

If you make changes in the theme file then you have to make these changes again after theme updation as changes made in the theme files get lost on theme updation.

Best Regards,