Parralax Widgets on two home pages

To whom it may concern

TL:DR - The website URL is:
The main page is a homepage, as is O.R. Solutions. I’d like two sets of paralax widgets for each page, but don’t know to go about it.

Long story- I have recently set up a website using the shapely theme (which I consider to be very good) and I have established a child theme with the main aim of having more than one homepage set up. The reason for this is so I can use some of the parralax widget features to take clients on a journey of sorts.

The issue I have is that while I now have two homepages, the widgets are linked, meaning that when I change the widget contents, it changes on both homepages.

Does anyone have any idea how to have multiple parralax widgets for more than one homepages?

Many thanks for your help with this.


Hi Thomas,

For now there is only one homepage possible, however you can use this plugin Widget Shortcode – WordPress plugin | to convert the widget into a shortcode, and then use that in a new page.

Let us know,