Permalinks aren't working for WordPress & can't hide meta bar

Hi, I have 2 questions.

  1. I have problems with the permalinks. When I use the standard mode everything works perfectly, when I change to name it does not work (error 404). What is the problem?

  2. I tried to use your code in css to eliminate the meta bar and the read more at the end of a page or post but it does not work.
    .single .entry-meta-bar {
    display: none;

Also I need the full lenth of the post on the first page.

Can you help us.

  1. There are some problems with .htaccess file rewrite rules that are not related to theme or WordPress but your hosting provider. Make sure to contact them explaining what is going on and most likely they will resolve this problem

  2. The code that you are using does work properly but it works only on single post view as you have specified it. If you want to get rid of meta bar entirely you should use code like this instead:

.entry-meta-bar {
  display: none;

Let me know if this helps.

Yes, thank you!