Person Widget Connected to Page

Hi Illdy support staff,

Couple questions?

First, can I get paid support for Illdy? I like the theme more than any other the paid themes?

Second, can I link the title in the person widget in the team sidebar to a page specific for each team member?

Lastly, in the menu bar, can I link the contact section to jump down to contact section or to somewhere else on the static home page?

Colorlib. is awesome, wish I could support you guys someway!

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  1. Here wouldn’t be the best place to ask, however, I’m pretty sure our developer is pretty comfortable with his current support team.

  2. There isn’t a way of adding a link in the person widget. The only way would’ve been through the Name field, however, it doesn’t support HTML. If you want to, you could add this as a feature request at the link below:

  3. While editing the menu in Appearance > Menus, you’ll simply add a custom link with #contact-us appended to your domain name and you should be good.

eg: Google

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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