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I’ve edited the post in the editorial in the demo, but after changing them, the main page photo slider isn’t showing properly anymore.

My jetpack is deactivated and ive already installed the thumbnails plugin but it didn’t work.

Here’s a screen grab of what’s happening.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Hello! :slight_smile:


Hello there,

Is that the correct URL? When I try to access the site, it cannot be reached.

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could you try again please?

Ive also created a temp access for you

hey there

Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

li.blazy {
-webkit-filter: none;
filter: none;

Colorlib Support Team

Nice! Thank you! It seems to be working now, but the photos in the problem areas seem to be blurry though.

Might you know how to fix that? :frowning:

Please and thank you!

Hello Airyu

I think you have to use little bit bigger images in the posts :slight_smile:

my photos are actually high res especially the cartoon figure… the problem is that it blurs out then I have to refresh a lot of times to see it clearly :frowning: Is it because the resolution is too high? is there a standard reso I need to use for this theme?

I apologize for asking a lot of questions. It’s a cool theme and I really want to use it . :smiley:

Hello there,

In some cases, hi resolution images can have issues like this, please try using this plugin to optimize the images:

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