Photo is cut in slider and also in the actual post

HI, can you check why the photo is cut on my slider?

Also in the home page, the photos are also cut .

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You can edit the image sizes via Appearance > Editor > Functions.php and look for this code:

add_image_size( 'activello-featured', 1170, 550, true );
		  add_image_size( 'activello-slider', 1920, 550, true );
		  add_image_size( 'activello-thumbnail', 330, 220, true );
		  add_image_size( 'activello-medium', 640, 480, true );
		  add_image_size( 'activello-big', 710, 335, true );

You can then change the height and width values there to suit your needs.

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Hi i posted that in the simple custom css and it made an error (red)
can you check again please?

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That code is not CSS, you need to go to the functions file located in Appearance > Editor > Functions.php and look for the code that was in the last post and change it.

In this case, you can contact a developer to make the changes, one of which you can find here:

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Hi, there is no Appearance> Editor anymore…

please see screenshot of the site in mobile format, really looks bad :frowning:
please help!

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This is appearance > editor screen in WordPress:

momyourownbusiness - please note this question requires some level of php, all changes must be done in child theme and if you don’t have experience with this you have to find someone else