Photo portfolio or gallery page for WordPress travelify theme

Hi, is it possible to make a portfolio type page for photos and/or videos. Ideally, something that displays only thumbnail images that expand when click on?
I want to have a page where I can display all the photos/videos used in blog posts and keep adding to it, rather than only on the blog page.

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There are three options to create gallery/portfolio for Travelify theme:

  1. Use some portfolio or gallery plugin for WordPress as there are plenty of great solutions available.

  2. Use default WordPress galleries that you can preview here.

  3. Use Jetpack’s Tiled galleries that you can preview here.

I think that using a plugin would be a much more flexible solution as default and Jetpack galleries have hard time supporting videos and will have to solve that first.

Thanks very much for the reply.
Are there any plugins you would recommend?

I haven’t used any portfolio plugins as I tend to develop this kind of functionality myself when I need it as each project is different and there is no one plugin that will be the right one for everything and everyone.

Sorry for inconvenience.