Photo rotation issue on mobile version of Travelify

When photographs are rotated before publishing, that edit is not picked up on the mobile version of the blog. Any suggestion as to how to correct this?

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Could you please tell me how you are rotating the photographs and share the page URL from your site where it’s not working on the mobile version of the blog so that i can troubleshoot it?

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I usually download pictures from my camera into the picture folder on my PC. I then rotate them (if needed) using Microsoft Office Picture Manager or with the rotate button in the tools at the top of the picture window.

I upload them into Travelify from there and they are properly oriented into the blog page when viewed on my PC. Nevertheless, they are not properly oriented on the mobile version of the blog. I think there may be an issue with Travelify not being supported by current version of WordPress.

An example of this is on the latest post which you can view at

Hi @jobruner01,

It seems you are facing the same issue as described on the following page that is the image EXIF data issue so could you please try using the solution posted in the following thread to resolve it?

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