Photos don't fit SlideBar

Hey to all,

When I upload images and set them as featured images for my posts, they do not cover the whole screen in the slide bar section. How can I solve this issue?

Moreover, I am new to photo uploading and am confused about sizes. What is the optimal photo width/height sizes I need to use when I upload the photos? (I want to use a set size, like 710 x 335 px, and want Activello to adjust the size of the photos accordingly, based on where the photo will appear)

I hope that it is clear. I cannot post a link, as I have not launched the site yet.

Hello Ardaboga,

I hope you are doing well today.

Seeing that you cannot post the link to the website. Could you provide an image of this issue?

As it goes for the image size, you would have to use a larger image resolution such as 1920Hx550W, which is used as the image size in the demo.

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Here I attach a photo to describe the issue. I used an image size larger than 1920 x 550. It adapts the photo to be put on top of the post well (fits it by having a size of 710 x 335), but not the photo to be put on the slider as seen by the grey area.

If you are using the image 1920 x 550 for the slider posts but still it is not displaying fine on your site then try regenerating thumbnails on your site using following plugin.