Photos not showing properly in posts

The photos in posts aren’t loading, or there is a large white space on top of the post. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Main site: 2019 election coverage by journalism students in the Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State
Post example with no photo in post:
Post example with photo in post:

In both cases there is a lot of empty space before the post in both cases.

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Good morning Will

Looks like you figured this out because i see photos in the post and no issue is in the post, can’t see even blank white space

Weird, but no, I’m still seeing the problem. I had been looking on Chrome, where I get this large white gap and no images. On Safari it’s even odder. I wonder what you’re seeing and what OS and browser you’re on?
I’ve attached screen shots of what I’m seeing on Chrome and now Safari.

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Please try clearing the WordPress cache using this plugin:

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Thank you, but even after clearing the cache I’m seeing the same problem in both Chrome and Safari.

Could you send me a screen shot of what you’re seeing? Any other ideas of how to fix this? I’ll try from other computers as well.


hi will

i know what is this, please deactivate jetpack image lazy load and you will all your pictures :wink:
i can see images on my side but i guess this is not constant for everyone

Thanks so much! That fixed it. I should have thought of that :slight_smile:

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I am glad the solution worked for you.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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