Pictures after Android App upload appear as html in post


I am new to wordpress generally. I chose the Activello for my children blog. I want to use the Android App
to upload photos to the blog. It does upload the photos from my mobile phone (I can see them in media library in WP) but in the post they appear as html… what am I doing wrong?

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Hi Kamil,
Thanks for reaching out.
In relation to your query here, to determine of this is an issue caused by the theme, could you try activating a default theme such as the Twenty Fifteen theme and check whether the issue is replicated.

Please keep us posted on the outcome.
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HI Support,

You are right. When I switched the theme the problems occured again :frowning:



Hello Kamil

This means you have a problem with the WordPress and now with the theme,
Is it possible to reinstall your WordPress and start from scratch?

Hi Noda,

Well… since i am new to wordpress and I have just installed it to create the blog, I imported 171 posts from my former blog on tumblr I would rather not destroy everything and build again… I know that maybe it is not that much work but still it is time consuming form me. Does it mean I have to wait for some WP update then?

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Hello Kamil

No, not WordPress update, you have to investigate this problem on the current version, best thing is to open support ticket in the WordPress forum

Oh. Ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’m glad that we were of help.
Please feel free to reach out once again in case you have any more questions.
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i think it’s a wordpress issue


It’s a very old ticket and im going to close it, if anyone has any problem please start a new ticket