Pictures all show blurry

Hello dear Shapely Support,

I have an issue with images displayed on my website. They all seem to be displayed kind of blurry despite the source image (when I access it through the media URL) is 100% perfect in resolution. I already deactivated all plugins to see if one of them creates the problem, but no. Even without any plugin, the problem stays the same.

You can see it here:

The 3 boxes are images (because this is the only way they translate to any resizing in the browser), but they are blurry. Open them in a different browser tab and you see that they are not blurry. Also in the footer, the same happens with the provenexpert - banner (in the Footer 3 area).

As no plugin is causing this effect, I guess this is something that can be changed in the theme, but I didn’t find anything.

Can you tell me how I can fix this? Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Have a great day,

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I do see the issue.
Kindly try the following plugin to regenerate thumbnail images.

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Didn’t help unfortunately…it’s also no thumbnails, but full width images. I cut them out via screenshot, the size is exactly the same as when they were text boxes. So I need the original size of the image (which I have set…it only shows blurry when inserted in the page).

I just saw by trial and error that the wrapping Shortcodes Ultimate Columns cause the problem. When I insert the picture without columns, it’s sharp.

Ok I tried a few things, but can’t solve it. Can I somehow set a command that there should not be taken a thumbnail, but the original image? I guess it takes a much smaller thumbnail and stretches it - or the thumbnail is lossy. Is there a way to tell it to use the original image and just resize it downwards to as small as it needs to be? Cause thumbnails seem to lose quality even when they are shown much smaller than they really are (which kind of confuses me)