Pictures not loding in Front page- projects Sidebar


I have added pictures into the projects sidebar under appearance>widgets>front page - projects sidebar

In the customizer preview, the pictures are shown. However after saving the changes, I am not able to see the pictures, why is this so?

I uploaded 3 images but only 1 is showing now…

Thank you!

Hello @mingjiewong,

Try to go through all the fields and modify them, as the widgets need to reload the information.

Let me know if this did the trick.


Thanks for your reply.

I tried re-filling the data and also saving all the changes. Only one image is showing.

In the widgets section (Frontpage - Projects sidebar), this image is not #1 in order, but it is still showing as the first image (left most), the other 2 did not load

(Specialist Laser Fiber Repair Service | Large Core Laser Fiber | Multimode - New laser fibre for welding and laser transmission) This is my page if it would help. Thank you


I see that you are not using Illdy theme anymore.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble to understand the issue and only temporary admin dashboard access would greatly help me.

Sorry for the inconvenience!