pictures you see in the design area but not published

Hello! I have some problems with the pictures in most of my entries from a travelling website I have. Most of the pictures appear in the design area but when you see the website published the pictures are missing (but the elements are there). Sometimes it appears a small blank square that shows “something is there” and sometines it dosen’t appear anything. It must to be something about the size of the pictures and the themes, but it is strange because all the pictures have been upload and publish using the same way.
Hope you can help me, because it happens with a lot of the pictures from my website… I have tried to update the pictures (that are a lot) and sometimes it appears when they are smallers, but not always or with the rest of the pictures either…
Thanks for helping!

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Its hard to say whats happening.
Kindly send the URL to your website with that particular post so I can have a look at the issue.

Also I’m going to ask you to execute the following troubleshooting steps in the mean time.

  • Disable all third party plugin to see if this resolves the issue. If it does resolve the issue, activate plugin one by one to find the cause of the problem.

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Yes, this is the URL . I hope you can finde the mistake, because it happens with so many pictures that not appear on the website but are there in the design. About the plugins i have already tried to disable some and try one by one, and it is not that.

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Thanks for the link.

Please go to Dashboard > Updates and install all the pending updates there. Then check to see if the image appears.

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I have done it and nothing has changed. There are so many pictures that do not appear on the website but there are in the design. sometimes it appears the small sqaure that shows that is broken or there is a problem, some others it dosen’t appear anything, the pictures is not there (and all the pictures are in inside the library for sure).

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Thank you for the clarification.
I’ve inspected your page and I found that articles have an abnormal amount of p tags.
This is usually an indication of copying and pasting from another source or editor.
What happens when you do this is that you copy tags over as well.

When you edit a post HTML view instead of Visual, there could be something in the code causing the image not to show.

Let me know if it is you are copying from another source or editor.

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Hello, thanks for helping.
Yes it is possible that are a lot of p tags because of every intro but not because the text is copied (maybe just in small parts). I think it must be something abouth the theme because the entries are not being modified and before the pictures were there, and now most of them are not ( maybe with some of the last updates)?, maybe something related to the CSS of the theme or the image sizes for the theme?
I am not an expert but for example it is extrange i edit and publish 4 pictures using exactly the same way, and 2 are visible, 1 it dons’ent appear and another one is like broken. And keep happens when i try to updated o reupload it.
I am worried because there are so many pictures affected…

I am gonna attached three examples of what happens with the images
-pictures that are in the design but not seen published
-pictures that are in the design but the link appear as broken ( i have tried to update it or changes dimensions and nothing)

and one more.

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Hard to tell whats going on from those screenshots.
Would you mind creating an temporary admin user for me so I may login and test the issue

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Yes sure it is the perfect idea, because this gets me crazy… so many hours in this website working with pictures for having problems with them is annoying…

this is the password:

just in case this is not working, this is the link WP sent me to the email adress i have added.


thank you so much in advance!

Hello, have you been able to check it? can i help you somehow?

did your reply to me? Because i have no answer. thanks


I keep waiting for your reply

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I’m still unable to log into your website. (See Screenshot)
Please create a user with a simple password.

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try again same user but with the password helpfortheweb

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I’m still getting the same error.

When I try to create the user. To make thing easier simply create an account username and password.
The email can be anything. [email protected]

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