PIXEL for Blogger

Hi, I have four questions for the free PIXEL template for Blogger, and are:

  1. How do I change the color of the default linked text to a blue color (or any other color)?
  2. Can I change the photo in the top header of a POST to another photo instead of the first photo of the blog post?
  3. How do I remove photo in the top header of a PAGE?
  4. I have two websites that used PIXEL. On one website, I have no problem to have the LABEL in either lower case or to Capitalize the first letter of a word. But on the other website, whenever I capitalize a word, it will convert to lowercase, once I hit done. This affects my navigation menu which somehow will not recognize either lowercase or capitalized word and hence that particular post will not appear in the Featured Widget or other widgets on the HOME page. Pls, help.



Hi there

greatstuff, we are WordPress themes support theme, at this moment we don’t have dedicated support for blogger theme, if your question is related to custom css then i can help but since i don’t know backend functionality of the blogger you have to handle it yourself. since some of your questions is related to css please provide url of your website and i will try my best