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Hi there,
i have a blog webseite (ACTIVELLO): http://julis-eventer.de/
Recently i have integrated a podcast with the plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting, so i can host directly on my site. Now you will see that the podcast posts are integrated differently on the start page than my normal posts:
1st problem: The slider does not take the post images.
2nd problem: The articles are not displayed smaller after the first 2-3 and 2 next to each other. So everything looks somehow confusing.

Can I solve this somehow without a new theme or a lot of effort?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

I had a look at your site and I’m afraid I could not locate the issue on your page. The image thumbnails seem to be loaded just fine by your podcast plugin.

Kindly explain to me more on the changes you would like to make so that I may be able to advise further.

Colorlib Support Team

Hi there,
thanks for your quick response. I’m doing good, hope you too.
I made some images.

  1. The Slider. It doesnt accept the podcast images. It only takes the ones from the “normal” blog posts as you see the last one is from september 2019 (Pic 1)

Sorry but i edited my answer before but it is not shown… so again.

  1. You see above in Pic 2 the Slider. It only shows Blog posts and not the pictures from the podcast posts. Maybe i can change that somewhere?
  2. In Pic 1 above you see a podcast post which is also later on the start screen in the whole width. Normal blog posts are shown smaller (as in the pic here, 3) and i hope that i can change that in CSS. Mabe you can show me how.
    Because i think its a bit messy if you scroll down. Hopefully you understand…
    Thanks a lot, best regards.

Good morning Juli

1.2.3 Im afraid this will require modification of the code, podcasts are different post types and they have different structure so they must be customized if you want the same look for theme and appearance of them in the slider