Pop-up to sign up for a free list of tools needed......


How do I create a pop up after a vistor on the site has been there for a bit or changes pages that invites them to a free .pdf listing all the tools they will need to clean over 800 spots, stains and odors from their carpeting in exchange for their email that will serve to build a list?

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I’m lost as a goose in a snow storm but I told my friend I’d help him with a website to sell his book. http://removingspotsfromyourcarpet.com/
I’ve spent money on courses, watched video on YouTube and felt like I’d found nirvana when I discovered colorlib a couple days ago.

If anyone is interested in helping a problem child I volunteer. I’ve taught myself everything from playing guitar to making beer and have lately been involved in developing aquaponics.
My idea was to quickly help my friend and then move on to a bigger project on Aquaponics.
Anyone reading this is free to point me in the the right direction or maybe I’m already there. I do know I keep my word.

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I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

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To display the pop up on your WordPress site, you can use any of the following plugins.

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Thanks for taking the time to help out.