"Popular" and "Recent" tabs not translated


I like the widget “Unite: Popular Posts Widget”, but it’s not possible to translate “Popular” and “Recent” tabs on pot file. I’ve created a pt_BR.po file to translate some terms which were not automatically translated to Portuguese, but those tab captions were not found.

Am I mistaken?


This was actually problem with theme translations files.

I have now updated missing string to default theme translation files and you can download updated theme fron Github. It will take a while untill theme will be available from WordPress.org via automated update.

I updated the theme, but now the “Popular” and “Recent” tab captions don’t show up. :frowning:

I made a really stupid mistake there. Thank you for pointing that out!

Please download theme from Github again and it should now work properly.

Sorry for my inconvenience!

Yes, now it works! :slight_smile:


If you decide to translate this theme completely it would be great if you could send me translation files, so I could add them to default theme installation. I would really appreciate it!

Also I keep the track of all our contributors and you will be featured on our contributors page as well. You can see it here: Our Contributors and Theme Translators - Colorlib

Thank you!