Portfolio and featured images not showing

Hi Noda,
We have an issue on our Shapely portfolio.
Please have a look at
our home page: https://gida.hk/ (portfolio disappeared at the bottom)
our portfolio pages: https://www.gida.hk/portfolio/private-residence-france/ (no featured image)
our blog pages: https://gida.hk/blog-5/ and https://gida.hk/2018/04/18/gida-at-the-generation-t-x-invest-hk-networking-lunch/ (no featured images).

FYI I enabled portfolio and images in Jetpack.
Thank you for your help!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

When did this happen? Was it after a change was made to the theme?

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Yes I think so.

Hello there,

Could you please tell me what change s you made before this happened?

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Non actually, just added new content.

Hello there,
So portfolio on home page is back, but with a weird display (see SS).
Thank you for your help!

HI there

What do you mean by the weird display? I see it in normal shape and functions normally

There is a white stripe in the middle that was not there before.
Is that normal Noda?

@pingida Did you manage to figure this out? I’m having similar issue. Are your individual project pages working properly? How about the mobile version?

@karo1010 Not yet, we are working on it with Noda. Mobile and desktop version still weird looking.
Hope you will find a solution soon.

Hi @plngida
Thanks for keeping in touch.

In this case, I just checked on your site and was not in a position to replicate the white spacing. Attached is a screenshot from my end. WIthin which O.S and browser version are you encountering the issue?

I look forward to your reply.
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I am using: Google Chrome
Version 66.0.3359.181 (Official Build) (64-bit).
But same error on Firefox Quantum 57.0.4.

And what about the featured images on blog and project pages: can you see them on your browser?

Thank you.

Hi there,
Thanks for keeping in touch.
As for the projects section, I would suggest on clearing your browser cache. In relation to the blog section images, please try disabling lazy loading of images from the JetPack>Settings>Writing section.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you for your help.
I deactivated the lazy load and featured images are back. Thank you for the tip!
Regarding the white stripe, I had already deleted the cache on both browsers. Could there be any other reason?

Thanks again!

Hi there

im back again guys
white space - hm, but why i cant see it? are we looking for on the same page? i just checked your portfolio page:
and this is what i see, please see attached screenshot,

Thank you for your message.
This is only on the front page. And you are right, it is on and off. I would just like to understand where it could come from and if I could do something to prevent it from happening.

Thank you!

Cant say this :frowning: because i never seen this problem on your website, its simply not there for me